The Bodleian First Folio

A digital facsimile of the First Folio of Shakespeare's plays, Bodleian Arch. G c.7.


The digital facsimile was made possible thanks to the generosity of the supporters of the Sprint for Shakespeare campaign. This second phase of the First Folio project is publishing a digital edition of the book.

We remain very grateful to all the donors to Sprint for Shakespeare, whether named or anonymous. Those who wished to be recognized are listed alphabetically below, with dedications by request.

The second phase of the Bodleian First Folio project was made possible by a lead gift from Dr Geoffrey Eibl-Kaye and generous support from the Sallie Dickson Memorial Fund/Dallas Shakespeare Club, Mr James Barber, and a private individual. The Bodleian Libraries are very grateful for this additional support, which brings new features to the digitized First Folio, enabling more efficient and intuitive use for all with an interest in Shakespeare, early modern drama, theatre and book history.

Navigate by surname: A — D, E — H, I — L, M — P, Q — T, U — X, Y — Z.

A — D

  • Adam&Eve DDB UK Ltd
  • Isabel Albuquerque
  • Dr Susan Atkin
  • Colin Barnard
    For Jonathan Hill.
  • Andrew Barnes
  • Pamela Barnett, Friend of the Bodleian
  • Captain Michael Barritt
  • Timothy Bates
  • Julian Besset
  • Geoffrey Bestor
  • Bill Berrett
  • Sheila Berrett
  • Dr Elizabeth Bishop
  • M Claire Blackman, Friend of the Bodleian
  • Jonathan Blaney
  • Monica Blum
  • Robert Bolick
  • Julia Bowden-Hall
  • Julie Bozza
  • James Brierley
  • Peter Buckman
  • Nichole Burgdorf
    For Professor Ben Moore, for introducing me to Shakespeare and teaching me to love writing. I am forever grateful.
  • Jane Burke
  • Sylvia Castellanos
  • Benno Carus
  • B Case, Friend of the Bodleian
  • Meridee Cecil
  • Michael Chisholm
  • Aylwin Clark
  • Celia Clarke, Friend of the Bodleian
  • E I Clarry, Friend of the Bodleian
    To my late friend A. N. Dakim, Scholar, one time fellow of Univ and Bletchley Park Codebreaker.
  • L A M Clegg, Friend of the Bodleian
    For R. A. Auty, Inspirational Teacher of English Literature and Contributor to the O. E. D.
  • Ray Colley
  • Cathy Colloff
  • Lauren Colloff
  • Julia Cousins, Friend of the Bodleian
    In memory of Winifred Young who taught me to love Shakespeare.
  • Penny Crack
  • Rita Cummings
  • Jim Curry
  • The Dallas Shakespeare Club
  • Abraham Davies
  • Felix Dennis
  • Emily Dgebuadze
  • Professor Alexis Dimyan
    I would like to dedicate my gift to my parents for taking me to see Shakespeare productions when I was a child.
  • Colin Doak, Friend of the Bodleian
  • Judith Dougherty
  • Samuel Draper
  • Deborah Duke
  • Dr Andrew Duncan, Friend of the Bodleian
  • Professor Mark Dunn

E — H

  • Alice Eardley
  • Jonathan Edgelow
  • Liesl Elder
  • Sir John Elliott, Friend of the Bodleian
  • Dr Sos Eltis
  • Susana Epstein
  • F Hugh Eveleigh, Friend of the Bodleian
  • Charles Ewald
    for my parents, William and Mary Ewald, passionate admirers of Shakespeare.
  • B Fenwick-Smith, Friend of the Bodleian
  • Carol Ferrand, Friend of the Bodleian
  • Elizabeth Foster-Hall
  • Dr Oliver Ford Davies, Friend of the Bodleian
    As a RSC Associate artist I think this is a wonderful project.
  • Katharina Franz
  • Dr Alexandra Freeman
    Wishing a Happy Christmas to Elizabeth Freeman.
  • Catherine Frieman
  • Anthony Fry
  • Mel Gannon
  • Audrey Gebber
  • Michael Gekas
  • Ann Gentleman
  • Nicole Gilroy
    For Alice, who hasn’t yet met Shakespeare.
  • Dr Prabhakar Gondhalekar, Friend of the Bodleian
  • Philip Graham
  • Aedrey Grey
  • Leonard Grossman
    For Cynthia Barnard, a dedicated woman whose has transmitted her love and enthusiasm for Shakespeare to her family and friends and many more.
  • Graham Guest, Friend of the Bodleian
  • Dr Neil Guthrie
  • Hugo Gye
  • Richard Hales, Friend of the Bodleian
    For Barbara.
  • Dennis Hall
  • Joel Hames-Clarke
  • Catherine Hamilton, Friend of the Bodleian
    For my sons Matthew and Christopher.
  • Dr Dennis Hamley
  • Gwen Hampshire, Friend of the Bodleian
  • Chris Hancock
  • Lois Hargrave
  • Jennifer Harper
  • David Hawgood
  • Peter Hay
  • Dr Peggy Heeks, Friend of the Bodleian
  • Dennis Henley
  • Sheila Hill, Friend of the Bodleian
  • Gary Himes
  • Professor John C Hirsh, Friend of the Bodleian
  • Madeline Hoefer
  • John Holdren
  • Andrew Honey
  • Carlos Hood, Friend of the Bodleian
  • I M Hopton Scott, Friend of the Bodleian
  • T J Horder, Friend of the Bodleian
  • C D Horton, Friend of the Bodleian
  • Michael Hunt
  • Dr Olivia Horsfall Turner

I — L

  • M Iglizky
  • Ian Jackson, Friend of the Bodleian
  • Marcel Jeannin
  • Candace Johnson
  • Jennifer Johnson-Blalock
  • Madeline Jones, Friend of the Bodleian
    In memory of Elisabeth Hamilton Goozée.
  • Robert Joy
  • Graham Jones
    To John Putnam, my English teacher at O and A level, and particularly of Shakespeare.
  • Diane Kearns
  • Masud Khokhar
    For my dear parents (late), Abdul Hafeez and Kalsoom Akhtar, whose greatest gift to me was education.
  • David & Pam King, Friend of the Bodleian
  • Rufus King
    Given in memory of Prof. T.J. King, author of Shakespearean Staging, 1599-1642 (1971).
  • Ngaire Kirkham
  • Stephanie Kistner
  • Amy Kleponis
  • Steven Koh
  • Lisa Krepel
  • James Kuhn
  • Karin Lai
  • Mr & Mrs R Lale, Friends of the Bodleian
    To the memory of Olive and Len Lale.
  • Roy Lale
  • Mary Lawrence
  • Michael Leech, OBE and Dr Joyce Leech, Friends of the Bodleian
  • Victor Legros
  • Brian Levison
  • Jemma Levy
  • David Lilley, Friend of the Bodleian
  • Literature & Latte Ltd
  • Tamasin Little, Friend of the Bodleian
  • Isaac Lloyd
  • Andrea LoFiego
  • Edward Long
  • Eleanor Lowe
  • Peter Lucas
  • Eadaoin Lynch

M — P

  • Kate MacLochlainn
  • Professor Lynne Magnusson
  • Sahil Mahtani
  • Karim Mamdani
  • Michelle Mankin
  • Shannon Manning
  • Andrew Marshall
  • Bridget Martyn, Friend of the Bodleian
    On behalf of my children, Nicholas, Sophie and Harry.
  • Michael Massey
  • Dr John Marzillier
  • John McCafferty
  • Dr Graham McFarlane
  • Professor George McGee
  • Janet & Owen McKnight, Friends of the Bodleian
    For Imogen McKnight.
  • Zoe McLean
  • Dr Faith McLellan & Roger Schickedantz
    In honour of Glenorchy Campbell and Gino Benza.
  • M J Macleod, Friend of the Bodleian
  • Tom McNeil
  • Michael Mendelowitz
  • Monica Messaggi Kaya
    To my daughter Ayla, let books and stories guide your dreams, and their knowledge enrich your life.
  • David Midgley
  • Lawrence Mielniczuk
  • Wilma Minty
  • Katherine Moir
  • Alexander Morrison
  • Katharina Muller
    “Sweet doctor, you shall be my bedfellow”. A very happy birthday to you!
  • John Murphy
  • Rosemary Napper
    from friends, in appreciation of learning and insight.
  • Dr Kathleen Neal
  • David Newsome
    For dear friends with whom I have shared spendid performances at Stratford, Barbican and the Globe DN.
  • Shona Nicholson
  • Jonathan Niton
  • Professor David Norbrook
  • Nicola Old
  • Terri O’Quin
  • Alyssa Palmer
  • Charlotte Paradise
  • Jon Park
  • Dr G A Paxton, Friend of the Bodleian
  • Michelle Perry
  • Catherine Peters
  • Alice Phillips
  • Matthew Pickles
  • Robbie Pickles
  • Michael & Vanessa Pickwoad, Friends of the Bodleian
  • Robert Pilsworth
  • David Puttock

Q — T

  • Patricia Quaife, Friend of the Bodleian
  • David Quinn
    For my Aunt Micky and my family at Stagedoor Manor. His words; my flaming minister.
  • Grant Ramboux
  • Vanessa Redgrave
  • Georgia Jean Reithal
  • C B Reynaud, Friend of the Bodleian
    Lizzie…other women cloy the appetites they feed, but she makes hungry where most she satisfies.
  • Gillian Reynolds, MBE, Friend of the Bodleian
    To the St Anne’s English Fellows who inspired me 1954-57.
  • Lori Korleski Richardson
  • Rosie Ritchie
  • Alan Robertson
  • Steve Rodgers
  • Catherine Roe
  • Jane Rose
  • John Rowlinson, Friend of the Bodleian
  • Gabriel Rusk
  • Rux-Burton Associates
  • Kenn Sabberton
  • Elisabeth Salisbury, Friend of the Bodleian
  • David Sarwar
  • Eleanor Saunders
  • Christopher Sellick, Friend of the Bodleian
  • David Schajer
  • Katrin Schlee
    For my dear parents, Günter and Bärbel Schlee, whose greatest gift to me was education. For wonderful Shake-speare.
  • Janette Schubert
    In memory of my English teacher ‘Mama’ Crawford of Lenzie Academy, who inspired my love of Shakespeare.
  • James Scott
  • Omaya Seif
  • Elizabeth Semkiu
  • Warren Shackleton
  • Colin Shaw, Friend of the Bodleian
  • Professor Eric Sheldon
  • David Smith
  • David Smith, FSA MA, Friend of the Bodleian
    Shakespeare should be available to everyone in the closest possible form to his original text.
  • Karen Solliday
  • Caroline Stack
  • Mark Stanford
  • James Steadman
  • Emily Stewart
  • Sir Peter Stothard
  • Jeanie Swann
  • Hannah Thomas
    For Arthur Beale, who always loved stories.
  • Felicity Thompson
  • Lavell Thompson
  • Sarah Tilley
  • Graham Titcombe, Friend of the Bodleian
  • Jon de Tombe
  • Sonia Triki
  • Amy Trotter
  • Peter Trotter

U — X

  • Dr Robert Uphaus
  • Emma Verey, Friend of the Bodleian
  • Akshay Verma
  • Dr & Mrs Hulse Wagner, Friends of the Bodleian
  • Nicholas Wakeling
  • Genevieve Wardley
  • Sylvia Welling
  • Dr Elizabeth Wells
  • Jeanne Wesson, Friend of the Bodleian
    For David Parrish, founder, Oxford’s Creation Theatre for Shakespeare productions.
  • John Wesson, Friend of the Bodleian
  • Rosemary & David Wharton, Friends of the Bodleian
  • Andrew Wheelhouse
  • Pip Willcox
  • Mr & Mrs Walter G M Willcox
    In memoriam DRMW, latterly of Ch.Ch.
  • Alice Willington
  • Mr & Mrs Brian Wilson, Friends of the Bodleian
  • Carol Witt
    In honour of my father, David Bennett; my husband, Jeffrey Witt; and my son, Eric Rene de Cotret.
  • Dr David Woodrow, Friend of the Bodleian
  • Dorothy Woods, Friend of the Bodleian
  • Constance Wright
  • Meredith Wright
  • Louisa Wynn-Mackenzie

Y — Z

  • Emma Yandle
  • The Yarwood Family
  • Barbara Leni Yost
    As a gift to Georgia Jean Reithal from her friend and fellow lover of Shakespeare.
  • Caroline Zvegintzov, Friend of the Bodleian
    To my husband Serge, who is the soul of kindness, goodness and wit, with my love.