The Bodleian First Folio

A digital facsimile of the First Folio of Shakespeare's plays, Bodleian Arch. G c.7.

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Here you can read a digital edition of each play in various views.

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Digital Text

Reference: χgg8v - Histories, p. [102]

Left Column

THE ACTORS NAMES. RVMOVR the Presentor. King Henry the Fourth. Prince Henry, afterwards Crowned King Henrie the Fift. Prince Iohn of Lancaster. } Humphrey of Gloucester. Thomas of Clarence. Sonnes to Henry the Fourth, & brethren to Henry 5. Northumberland. } The Arch Byshop of Yorke. Mowbray. Hastings. Lord Bardolfe. Trauers. Morton. Coleuile. Opposites against King Henrie the Fourth. Warwicke. } Westmerland. Surrey. Harecourt. Gowre. Lord Chiefe ustice. Of the Kings Partie.

Right Column

Pointz. } Falstaffe. Bardolphe. Pistoll. Peto. Page. Irregular Humorists. Shallow. } Silence. Both Country Iustices. Dauie, Seruant to Shallow. Phang, and Snare, 2. Serieants Mouldie. } Shadow. Wart. Feeble. Bullcalfe. Country Soldiers. Drawers Beadles. Groomes Northumberlands Wife. Percies Widdow. Hostesse Quickly. Doll Teare‑sheete. Epilogue.

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