The Bodleian First Folio

A digital facsimile of the First Folio of Shakespeare's plays, Bodleian Arch. G c.7.

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Here you can read a digital edition of each play in various views.

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Reference: hh6r - Tragedies, p. [99]

Left Column

THE ACTORS NAMES. TYMON of Athens. Lucius, And Lucullus, two Flattering Lords. Appemantus, a Churlish Philosopher. Sempronius another flattering Lord. Alcibiades, an Athenian Captaine. Poet. Painter. Ieweller. Merchant. Certaine Senatours. Certaine Maskers. Certaine Theeues.

Right Column

Flaminius, one of Tymons Seruants. Seruilius, another. Caphis. } Varro. Philo. Titus. Lucius. Hortensis Seuerall Seruants to Vsurers. Ventigius. one of Tymons false Friends. Cupid. Sempronius. With diuers other Seruants, And Attendants.

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